The Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam
Not To Us O Lord Not To Us But To Your Name Give Glory

(Psalm 115, v1 Hebrew Psalter Psalm 113, v13 Greek Psalter)

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Non Nobis chorus as used in the movie "Henry V" 1989 by Patrick Doyle:

Non nobis domine, domine,
Non nobis domine,
Sed nomini, sed nomini
tuo da gloriam.

Click to hear the midi file of the music   
A music file from the pages of Jacqueline Christina Noguera's Website   
YouTube Video from the film, the singing of the Non Nobis after the Battle Scene   

There is a CD recording of the music from the film Henry V, which has on it the track for Non nobis.

The film is a Shakespearian play and can be purchased on Video.

Henry V: Original Soundtrack Recording USA Version (1989 Film)

Henry V: Original Soundtrack Recording UK Version (1989 Film)  

Henry V: Video USA Version (1989 Film)

Henry V: Video UK Version (1989 Film)  

Sheet Music can be seen, both for a version of the Doyle Music and the more ancient music of William Byrd.

Patrick Doyle's Version

and the links are by way of information and the files are not hosted on this site.

Graham Preskett's arrangement    
Purchase a copy of Graham Preskett's
Mario Pearson's arrangement   
Donald Fraser's arrangement   
Coro Laus Deo's arrangement  
Aelfred of Cres' arrangement  
Musikverlag Frank Website - Score only (No lyrics)  

Remo Reggiani's arrangement (via the Internet Archive) * 
Remo Reggiani's arrangement (via the Internet Archive) * 
Evelyn Alden's (Katriana op den Dijk) arrangement *

* For the latter two pdf files you will need the "NWCV15.ttf" font in your Window's Font Folder here;
William Byrd's Version

William Byrd's arrangement   

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