The Order of St John of Jerusalem,
 Denver Hospice



This Order appears to have emerged from the Pichel Order and was founded by His Grace, Paul von Lobkowitz (or "von Lobkovitz") in 1976. To his credit he brought into being a hospice which provides for a very real hospitaller vocation. Although the "Order" has elected a Lieutenant Grand Master no details have been given, and no succession to the Grand Masters or Lieutenant Grand Masters in the Pichel list is given to enable any real assessment as to from which "Order" this new "Order" emerged, either Pichel's or one of the filiants.

List of "Grand Masters"


Hospice of St John - Details on the Order
Hospice of St John - The Order in America
Hospice of St John - American Grand Priory
The Order of St. John of Jerusalem  
His Grace, +Paul von Lobkowitz, OSJ. Founder of the Hospice of Saint John

Created 2nd June 2004.

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Order of St John, Knights Hospitaller.