Ordine Militare ed Ospedaliero
di S. Giovanni d'Acri e S. Tommaso


The Ordine Militare ed Ospedaliero di S. Giovanni d'Acri e S. Tommaso (Military and Hospital Order of St John of Acra and St Thomas) claims to have come out of the Order of St John of Jerusalem 12th January 1205, and is alleged to have been given a charter by Latin Emperor of Costantinople Baldovino I, 18th March 1205. There is then a claimed transfer over the years ending up with a decree by the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III, 18th January 1944. The Order seems to be in the gift of the Amoroso dynasty!

List of "Grand Masters"
Ordine Militare ed Ospedaliero di S.Giovanni d'Acri e S.Tommaso

1205 – 1239 Aminado de Amerusio
1239 – 1281 Giovanni de Amerusio
1281 – 1299 Bonusmiro de Amerusio
1299 – 1315 Mazziotto de Amerusio
1315 – 1340 Nicola de Amerusio
1340 – 1360 Benenato Amerusio
1360 – 1398 Sergio Amerusio
1398 – 1421 Iacobo Amerusio
1421 – 1441 Francesco Amerusio
1441 – 1490 Ruggiero Amorusio
1490 – 1525 Nicola de Amorosa d’Aragona
1525 – 1589 Ferdinando de amorosa d’Aragona
1589 – 1595 Aminado Amoroso d’Aragona
1595 – 1620 Giovanni Ferdinando Amoroso d’Aragona
1620 – 1635 Carlo Augusto Amoroso d’Aragona
1635 – 1684 Costanzo Vittorio Amoroso d’Aragona
1684 – 1722 Donato Alberto Amoroso d’Aragona
1722 – 1744 Filippo Augusto Amoroso d’Aragona
1744 – 1762 Carmine Mattia Amoroso d’Aragona
1762 – 1779 Ippazio Alessandro Amoroso d’Aragona
1779 – 1821 Vito Nicola Carmine Amoroso d’Aragona
1821 – 1881 Felice Vito Amoroso d’Aragona
1881 – 1899 Salvatore Amoroso d’Aragona
1899 – 1931 Luigi Cesario Amoroso d’Aragona
1931 – 1959 Pietro Amoroso d’Aragona
1959 – 1996 Luigi Amoroso d’Aragona
1996 –          Angelo Amoroso d’Aragona


Ordine Militare ed Ospedaliero di S. Giovanni d'Acri e S. Tommaso 
Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of St. John Knights of Malta 
Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Russians Knights of Malta

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