The Russian Grand Priory
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Important Documents concerning the Russian Grand Priory




Report on the proposed Catholic Grand Priory of Russia 1797

Creation of the Catholic Grand Priory of Russia 1797 

Proclamation of Paul I as Protector of the Order of Malta 1797 
Report on the Creation of Orthodox Commanderies 1798
Proposed creation of Greek Orthodox Commanderies 1798
The Maltese Order During 1797 - 1801 from the official records
Epistle of Pius VI to de Litta 5th November 1798 
Election of Paul I as Grand Master 1798
Creation of Commanderies for Russian Nobles 1798  
Support from the Grand Priory of Germany for Paul I - Oct. 1798
Lord Nelson's letter to Emperor Paul I of Russia - Nov. 1798
Regulation edict for the two Russian Grand Priories - Dec. 1798 
Appeal by Paul I, Grand-Master of the Order, to the European Nobility Dec. 1798 
Order from Paul I Grandmaster ejecting the Priory of Bavaria from the Order 
Pro memoria of Pius VII to Mgr Laurent de Litta Nuncio to Russia March 1799 
The Abdication of Hompesch to the Emperors of Austria and Russia 1799 
Report from the Annual Register of the Order of St John for 1799 
The non-hereditary Knights and Commanders of the Russian Grand Priory 1799 
Ukase 19.044 governing the Hereditary Commanderies 1799 
Confirmation of Soltikoff as Lieutenant Grand Master 1801
The Decision of the Sacred Council 1801
Letter from Lord St Helens to Augustus Paget 1802 
Translation of Ukase 24.134. of 1810
Translation of Ukase 24.882. of 1811
Free Translation of Ukase 26.626. of 1817
Translation of Ukase 26.626. of 1817
Transactions concluded in the reign of Emperor Paul I, 1838
The Maltese Cross on Russian Badges, 1897-1916
Petition of 1902 to re-establish the Order of Malta in Russia.
Petition granted to wear insignia of St. John 1912  
The Declaration of the Hereditary Commanders at June 1928
Priory of Dacia Investiture Ceremony 1939/1950  
Historical Notice on the Russian Grand Priory - Danish Committee 1950 
Historical Notice by Dr. Baron Michel de Taube, 1950  
Declaration by Grand Duke Andrew Wladimirovitch, 1950  
Confirmation of the creation of the Priory of Dacia 1950 
Letter to the Dacia Priory from Baron Michael de Taube 1950 
Constitution of the Russian Grand Priory 1953 
Diploma of Alexis Bobrinskoy as an Hereditary Commander 1962
Appointment of a Representative of the Russian Order for England 1964
Genealogy Table of Protectors of the Russian Grand Priory 2000