Book Reviews
by The Reverend Dr Michael Foster

Knights of Jerusalem The Crusading Order of Hospitallers 1100-1565
Author: David Nicole.
The Sword and the Scimitar
Author: Ernle Bradford.
Knight Templar
Author: Helen Nicholson. Illustrator: Wayne Reynolds.
Cavalry The History of Mounted Warfare
Author: John Ellis.
Armies of the Crusades
Author: Terence Wise. Illustrator: Gerry Embleton.
The Knights of Christ
Author: Terence Wise. Illustrator: Richard Scollins.
The Knights Templar
Sean Martin.
Rhodes in Modern Times
by Cecil Torr - new edition edited by Gerald Brisch
The Knights Hospitaller
by Dr Helen Nicholson
Hugh Revel Master of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem 1258 - 1277
by Cecil Humphery-Smith
Crusader Knight / Knight of the Outremer 1187-1344 AD
by David Nicolle.
The Knight Hospitaller (1) 1100-1306
by David Nicolle
The Knight Hospitaller (2) 1306-1565
by David Nicolle
Guide notes on Heraldry of the Sovereign Order of
Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller.

by The Reverend Robert de Caluwé.
Warriors of the Lord - The Military Orders of Christendom
by Michael Walsh.

Updated 18th March 2004

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