Guide notes on Heraldry of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller.

OSJ Balije Wolvenberg

Book Details.
Book Title: Guide notes on Heraldry
of the Sovereign Order of Saint John
of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller.
Author: Caluwé, The Reverend Robert de.
Cover: Paper 44 pages.
Size: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4).
Publisher: OSJ ivzw Belgium, 2000

The Book
The book (Paper Covers 44 pages) is about what the title states "Guide notes on Heraldry of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller" - it was written from the perspective of a member of one of the many "King Peter" Orders, and this must be borne in mind as it is read. Never-the-less, whilst some Readers may find fault on this account, it does not alter the value of the information supplied.

Books published on the Order of St John of Jerusalem/Order of Malta do not appear too frequently. Thus any new book is always welcomed. Many titles may only be a digest of material found in out-of-print titles. Whilst this book is modest in its offering, it does present findings from historic research that are not covered in previous books, i.e. details on the Hospitallers of Saint Anthony. This Order was absorbed into the Order of Malta in 1775.

The Book summarises the rules of Heraldry, and would be of interest to the general reader on this subject. It provides a guide on constructing a Coat of Arms. Whilst in Countries such as the United Kingdom, the official granting and recognition of a Coat of Arms, is highly regulated, this is not true of all Nations. No less than some 354 illustrations (line drawings) grace the Book, and are drawn from general Heraldry, The Order of St John, and Christianity.

The Author

Fr Robert de Caluwé

The Reverend Robert de Caluwé was born on 6th May 1913 in Sas van Gent (NL) and, after qualifying as a teacher, he went to Rome to study theology at the Gregoriana and the Russicum. He was ordained priest in the byzantine rite on Christmas day December 1940. After having served as Almoner of the Sisters of Charles de Foucault (Helsinki and Kotka) and the Russian prisoners of war in World War II he was appointed professor at Helsinki University and built the Ecumenic Centre of Espoo. His activities as an icon painter started in 1942, which makes him - it is believed - with nearly 50 years of activity, the longest serving icon master in history. Since 1950 The Reverend Robert de Caluwé has been a member of the Heraldic Council of Finland. In 1990 he was appointed Roy d'Armes of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem (OSJ) King Peter II Constitution.

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Dorset, DT11 8JB United Kingdom.

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 Knights of St John.
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