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Highly Recommended Web Sites

As this Web Site has grown larger, the few original links are now lost in the
various sub-sections amongst the scores of links now available.
Some Web Sites are real "gems" and deserve wide audiences.
The Web Master of this Site has chosen - six, so far - what he considers to be

"Highly Recommended Web Sites"

for anyone wishing to Study the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
The first two Web Sites, were the inspiration for this Web Site.
Other Sites will be added as the Web Master reviews all the URLs on this Web Site.

Norman Hugh Reddington Knights of St. John Web Site

Norman Hugh Reddington Knights of St. John Web Site
Norman Hugh Reddington Knights of St. John Web Site

This Web Site began as a single page, and was divided into seven sections.  The subjects were divided up in easily understood sections. Navigation still remains easy.  This was one of two early comprehensive pioneer Web Sites on the Order of St John. The two bottom links are respectively a Korean copy of one of the pages, and those pages stored in the Internet Wayback Archive Machine from the original site.

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard/SMOM, Africa  

The BBG Web Site, was fascinating in its infancy.  It was once a single page, that seemed to scroll on forever, with all things St John.  It was then divided into sections, and then came the dreaded 'frames'.
The content has now been divided between BBG items and SMOM items. It is true that there is an enlarged content, but the early simplicity has been completely lost through the present website design.  All those early links are there plus much much more, but you have to hunt around, as some gems are in the BBG Site, and some are in the SMOM Site.  This was the other early pioneer Site, of all things 'St John'.

François Velde's Heraldry Site

François Velde's Web Site, has also grown larger, with the resulting complexity of navigation.
There is a non-graphic Site Map, to ease navigation.  Whilst the site is concerned with the general topic of Heraldry, much is to be found on Orders of Chivalry in general, and on the Order of St John, in particular. An excellent Site.

Caltrap's Corner

Caltrap's Corner is worth a visit, although the evidence is that it has not been maintained for some time. In fact, it is frozen in time, as its webmaster (Caltrap) can no longer upload new files! However, it contains some balanced articles on various claims to nobility, and provides a few useful essays on the Order of St John/Malta - go to the Table of Contents, for the articles.

Almanach de la Cour

This is Guy Stair Sainty's Web Site. British by birth, Guy Sainty settled in New York and then recently to France.
He was a leading member of the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem's USA Priory. He takes very seriously the responsibility of being a guardian of the truth. While some say has taken too seriously this role, he has made available much of what he has previously published in his book on the Order of St John, in regards to those organisations he sees as "self-styled" Orders. He has in addition to this, added new material, making this site, often, the only open source of information on certain of these organisations, and for the serious historian, there is much to read, and these pages are a must.
Please note that the Website contains much much more than just information on the St John Orders and is certainly worth a visit. The main fault of the Site is that it has increased in complexity, and this is reflected in navigation.

John Gatt's Coins of Malta (which include the coins of the Knights of Malta)
John Gatt's Coins of Malta (which include the coins of the Knights of Malta)

John Gatt is a "numismatist" specialising in the Coins of Malta (those issued on Malta), which includes a huge section on the coins of the Knights of Malta. The visitor is also treated to a history on each Grand Master, as well as being able to view a portrait for each. Well worth a visit. The link provided goes straight to the main coin page. The second link is an alternative website.

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