Quotations of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem.

Domini nostri morbi
The sick are our masters

( Saint Johannes Eleimoon, the Almsgiver, VI th Century)

Pro Fide et Utilitate Hominum
For the faith and the good of Mankind

("Piae Postulatio", Pope Pascal II - 15.02.1113 AD)

Quia vero omnia vestra sustentationibus pauperum et peregrinorum debent cedere ac per hoc nullatenus ea aliis usibus convenit applicari
Truly, for these reasons, whatever is yours, must yield to the welbeing of the poor and pilgrims and, therefore it must not be used for any other purpose

(Christianae fidei religio, Pope Innocentius II, 07.02.1137AD)

Je Raymont garde de l’ospital et serf des povres de Crist ...
....Ne sied que le servans soit vestu de fures et velours quant ses mestres
les povres de Crist vont nus

I am Raymond, stewart of the hospital and servant of the poor of Christ ...
....It is indecent that the servant wears furs and velvet when his masters,
the poor of Christ, go naked

(Book of Rules OSJ Hospital Jerusalem, Grandmaster Raymond du Puy, ca..1140AD)

Servire infirmis supremum imperium
The service to the sick is the supreme command.

(Grandmaster Jean de la Valette, 1565 AD)

I prefer to be hated for doing good,
rather than being loved for doing evil.

(Grandmaster Emperor Paul I of Russia, 1799 AD)

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