The Order of Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Purpose of this Web Site.

The purpose of the Web Site, is;

(A) to provide information on the Historic Orders of of St. John of Jerusalem,Knights Hospitaller, especially of the Russian tradition, whereby this site aims to provide accurate and honest information.

(B) to be a resource for all things 'St. John' - to provide details on every St. John "Order" on the Web, or to provide a link to other Web Sites, with such links ready made. The Web browsing public need to be aware that some Sites under the St John name sell "Knighthoods" or other such "honours". There are also Sites which discriminate by promoting a single sex orientation, Happily the latter two groups are in a minority.

(C) be a resource for details of the Templar Order, both the historic group, its legitimate survival in the Order of Christ, and details of the modern revivals.  Historically, not only the majority of the Templar property, but hundreds of Templar Knights were absorbed into the Hospitaller Order, and thus, in some measure the Knights of St. John, have also, the Templars as their forebears.

(D) a resource for details on Chivalry in general.

PLEASE NOTE: This website has no connection whatsoever with any present day Templar Order, either presently or in the past. Also this website has no connection with Freemasonry, event though some links on the Templar pages are to Masonic organisations. This is provided as a means of information only.

Updated 13th November 2005
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