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Of your charity please pray for the Church and for the good of Mankind.

(The effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much - James 5, 16)

Dennis Drake
- Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the Chronic Progressive type

God of Love,
your Son brought
healing and hope to
the sick.

We pray at this time
for all those who bear the burden of illness .
Give them the
comfort and
strength of your
presence and surround them with your
healing love and
power so that they
may be restored
anew to their
families and to us,
in better health.

Your servants ask this,
in the name of
Our Lord
Jesus Christ,

P.Webster - B.C. Canada
- who has extreme pain in lower back.

For World Peace

Freddie Van-Eesteren 2 years of age - Dorset
- who has a rare form of leukemia

Julia Anderson
- Diagnosed with Cancer.

For Rob and Mary.
That they can have a baby.

Jakab Tiborné Tóth Ilona - Hungary
who has been suffering from liver cancer.

Concepcion Perez-Gomez - Miami, Florida
- who has had breast cancer surgery.

Kent Conley - Pensacola Florida, USA,
- who has just been diagnosed with liver cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

William Schaffer -

For all those involved in Gulf War II (Iraq)
especially innocent victims -
- and for all victims of war.

For the unification of two people who are very much in love,
Mark and Maria...

Dear Knights and Dames, and fellow Clerics,
let us lift up our hearts to the LORD
for those in peril in South Russia. Let us pray for those traumatized,
those wounded, and those now deceased. May the horrors of this act of
terrorism agains the young cease, yeah all terrorism cease. Amen.

Father Deacon Athanasios + Philadelphia

Xander Rhys Lowry age 6
lymphoblastic lymphoma

Father, we pray for Xander and all children with life threatening deseases,
for their parents that they may know your love in these difficult times.
We ask this, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please pray for Cathy Ferraro a young mum from Australia
who has just been diagnosed with Ms. Very scared and worried.

Please pray for Richard Macknowsky to be healed from liver cancer.

JJH that God will deliver him from a life of crime, gangs, and prison, drugs,
violence, all evil, and all satanic strongholds. That God will heal him and make him whole
and give him a new heart, new thoughts, new feelings, and a new life....through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Please pray for a miracle for my father to be healed of liver cancer. Please.
Requested by Angelkisses

For Mother, recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.
Requested by Kathy Veck.

(Make them to be numbered with thy Saints : in glory everlasting -Te Deum)

The Rev. Harold Freeman
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, of the U.K.
who died at 101 years of age

Charlotte Fowler Bentley, of New York City
called home Sunday, 24 June 2001 after a brief bout with cancer.

Rest eternal Grant unto them O' Lord
And let light perpetual shine upon them.

Tony Borg Cardona, of Malta
who died of a stroke Sunday 30 Sept 2001.

Anna Maria Pincket - Belgium

Jeremy Gumm - Dorset

Paul Camilleri (died 17th January 1994)
Josephine Camilleri (wife of Paul died 22nd May 1995)
- Birkirkara Malta.

Elly Johan van Cleemput - Belgium

Stanley Frank Aylott C.St.J - England

Julia Maria Pinket - Belgium

Dick Murray Bailiff O.O.S.J. - USA

For Pam Martin - Tarrant Hinton Dorset, England

Those listed will be prayed for by Fr Michael Foster
as part of his ministry as Rector to ten Dorset Churches
in England.

Let us also give thanks to the Lord, for his goodness and loving kindness.

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