Petition granted to wear insignia of St. John of Jerusalem 1912.
Source: Copy held in the Archives of the British Association of the Russian Grand Priory of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Original as held by Count Vladimir Armfledt. Translation below document image.

Translation of the above
Division of Petitions Count Alexander Vladimirovitch
8 Appendixes His Majesty, having heard my respectful report about Your petition, this day of November 15, has Most Graciously acceded to grant you the right to wear the insignia of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with the transfer of this right, after your death, to your son, Count Vladimir Armfeldt, but not before he attains majority.
17th of November, 1912 Of this Monarchic decision, I have the honour to inform Your Excellency, respectfully asking you to accept the assurance of my respect and devotion.
No. 96803
To his Excellency Count A. B. Armfeldt

Note: In the Court Almanac of St. Petersburg of 1835 Count Alexandre D'Armfeldt is listed as a Commander of the Order of St. John (not Order of Malta).

1835 Almanac, page 43.

Mr le Comte ALEXANDRE D'ARMFELDT, C. d'et., Cb., de St. An. de la 2 cl. et de St. J. de Jér. Adj. du Sécr. d'et; du Gr. duché de Finlande.

Other Permissions.
Other permissions had been granted i.e. the original State Service Record of Prince Alexander Vasileyevitch Troubetzkoy. Dated 1889 it has the following annotation : "In his quality of eldest of the family - hereditary commander of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem whereof he wears the insignia conforming to the Supreme authorisation of 19 October 1867".

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