The British Association,
Russian Grand Priory
of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

A Registered Charity under UK Law.

Membership and Legal Identity of the British Association.
The Legal Identity of the British Association.

1. What the British Association is in English Law.
The British Association is a Christian Humanitarian Charity at Law of the United Kingdom, conducting hospitaller and other charitable work. It continues alongside the Priory of Dacia, created as part of the Paris Union of Hereditary Commanders in 1939, which continues the life of the Russian Grand Priory founded by Emperor Paul I in 1798 as part of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, founded in Jerusalem circa 1070. The British Association is not a State Order of Chivalry of the United Kingdom nor is it an Order of the Crown and does not claim to be such.

2. Relationship with other Orders.
The British Association and its parent organisation "Association du Grand Prieuré Russe" have no connection with any other organisation. They should not be confused with the Roman Catholic organisation "The Sovereign Military Order of Malta" (SMOM), neither  with the British Order "The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem" - which has the Monarch as its Sovereign Head and Patron (MVO), nor  with the European JohanniterOrden (JO), the latter two organisations making up the "The Chivalric Alliance of Orders of Saint John" (The Alliance).
The British Association and its parent organisation "Association du Grand Prieuré Russe" have no connection with any other so-called Order of St John.
Also the British Association has no connection whatsoever with any present day Templar Order, either presently or in the past.

3. Freemasonry.
The British Association, and its parent organisation "Association du Grand Prieuré Russe"  have no connections with Freemasonry, either present or past.

The British Association policy on membership.

1. The difference between an "honour" or "accolade" and membership of the British Association
Some honours awarded by the State are indicative of past, or present distinguished contributions to our society. Being a Hospertaller in, or membership of , the British Association indicates that a person has joined a Christian charitable society, a chivalric Association with a long history (with a tradition which dates back to 1798, with the foundation of the Russian Grand Priory), and that they have made a pledge to serve the aims of the Order in defending the Christian Faith and helping the less fortunate in life.
Advancement in the Order, is an internal matter and should not be confused with those distinctions which have been awarded by the State, or agencies of the State.
In other words, membership means voluntary service and an obligation to contribute to the aims of the Order. A Hospertaller of St. John should conduct himself as a Christian Knight, and he should not consider that he has achieved status through membership. The chivalric status of the Hospitaller is a living one, and not an award.

2. Membership Qualifications: Hospitallers.
Membership as a '
Hospitaller' is by invite, or recommendation by a present 'Hospitaller' of the Order*. A second sponsor is needed from amongst the current membership. The Candidates must belong to a Christian Church, have an excellent reputation and reside in the British Isles, or within British Territories or former British Territories. An interview needs to take place between the Candidate and the local Commander. The application form is then sent to the  HQ. If accepted, the Candidate is advised by letter of the date and details of the investiture. The treasurer of the  British Association will obtain payment of such dues and passage fees, as well as any incidental costs.

In other words, this means the invite to join is one of personal knowledge of the candidate, and is a very important way of excluding those who may not be suitable, or who may bring our work into disrepute.

*In reference to the British Association and its parent organisation "Association du Grand Prieuré Russe" any use of the appellationation of  'Knight' or 'Dame' is not taken to equate with a Knight or Dame in a State Order of Chivalry and such the 'Knights' and 'Dames' of the Association are Hospitallers and as such are servants of the poor under God, and are described as such.

Thus membership of the Association as a Hospitaller cannot be gained via contact through this Web Site.

3. Membership Qualifications: Serving Brothers and Sisters.
All individuals of good faith and work may be admitted to the grade of a Serving Brother or Sister of the Order. Candidates must reside in the British Isles . These individuals by their good works fulfil their obligation to the Order. Although they receive no decoration for this class, they may wear on their person the simple rosette of the Order and may distinguish their association with the Order by using the appropriate letters after their name with their title. The annual membership as a Serving Brother or Sister, is modest. Each Brother or Sister is linked to a local Commandery. Any person who is a member of a Christian Church which accepts the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and has been baptised, and is willing to support a charity or charities which benefit the disadvantaged may apply for membership as a Serving Brother or Sister of the Order.
Serving Brothers or Sisters may advance to full membership as Hospitallers by only by invite, on the recommendation of their local Commander.

Applications must be made initially via this Web Site.
email to

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