Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order
of St John of Jerusalem,
Knights of Malta, Ecumenical


This "Order" has been identified as being connected with that as led by Lieutenant Grand Master H.E. Emilio Lobera, Baron de Lobera. A branch appears to have been based in Russia. The Web Site was on a Russian Server until it disappeared.
Detail from a photograph on the defunct Russian Web Site ( reveals what appears to be a picture of Emilio Lobera.

List of "Grand Masters"
01 HE Emilio Lobera, Baron de Lobera   1997-  Lieutenant Grand Master.
NOTES: #1 This organisation developed from the Order as led by Prince Alexis d'Anjou-Dolgorouki a.k.a. Alex Brimmer who died from Aids in 1996.


Knights of the Order of St. John Hospitaller (Lobera) Order
Sovereign Military & Hospitaler Order of St John, Ecumenical (Russian Web Site) 

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