King Peter Karageorgevitch and his relationship to Czar Paul I.

Source: Lindsay, Roger Alexander, The Order of St. John & The Families of Czar Paul I.
Private MS, R. A. Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, 1998.

King Peter II of Yugoslavia.
Genealogy Table
King Peter II of Yugoslavia.
(b. 6th September 1923 d. 5th November 1970).
son of;
Marie of Romania
Princess of Hohenzollern
b. 8th January 1900 22nd June 1961).
Wife of Alexander I King of Yugoslavia.
daughter of;
Marie Alexandra Victoria
(b. 29th October 1853 d. 18th July 1938).
daughter of;
Maria Alexandrovna
(b. 17th October 1853 d. 25th October 1920).
daughter of;
Alexander II Emperor of All Russia.
(b. 29th April 1818 d. 13th march 1841).
son of;
Nicholas I Emperor of all Russia.
(b. 25th June 1796 d. 18th February 1855).
son of;
Paul I Czar of all Russia.
(b. 1st October 1754 d. 11th March 1801).

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