The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller.
Under the Constitution King Peter II of Yugoslavia.

A Hymn for the Sovereign Order of St. John.
Russian Anthem    A Lvov, 1799-1870

John of Jerusalem, saint and forerunner,
challenging old and young with God's high demands:
justice and truth with integrity and mercy:
"Change now your life, for the Kingdom of God!"

Born of the priestly line, comfort forsaken,
John in the desert heard the Lord's clarion call:
fearless and forthright he thundered out the challenge:
"Change now your life, for the kingdom of God."

Jesus in faith approached him at the Jordan;
asked John for baptism with the crowd gathered round:
Voice and the dove of the Dayspring all attesting:
God in three persons the Trinity blest.

All praise to God the Lord, now and for ever,
Thrice Holy God hear now our praises on high;
Grant us your peace and let service be our purpose,
In holy love, as one Body in Christ.
(The final verse may be omitted for general use)

The Reverend Arthur Grimshaw, GCSJ

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Created 3rd March 1998
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