The resignation of King Peter from the OSJ
as led by Colonel Paul de Cassagnac.

Source: The records of Count Christian Orssich confidant of King Peter II
Now held in the Archives of the British Grand Priory.

Hotel de Paris le 15 Avril
Monte Carlo                      1965

Cher Monsieur de Cassagnac
Je vous ecrit pour vous dire
que je desire plus de relations avec
votre Ordre de St Jean de Jerusalem
Je ne veut pas vous ecrire une longue lettere

Je donne ma résignation.  Pierre II R

Hotel de Paris 15 April
Monte Carlo                   1965

Dear Mr de Cassagnac
I write to you to tell you
that I do not wish to have further relations with
your Order of St John of Jerusalem
I do not want to write a long letter
of explanation.

I give my resignation.  Peter II R

NOTES: On April 15th 1965, King Peter had severed his ties with Colonel de Cassagnac and his "Order of St John of Jerusalem", to which King Peter had been "High Protector" - the King now led his own "Order of St John of Jerusalem" to which he was Grand Master and Protector. This demonstrates the King Peter Order,  was in fact a schismatic part of the Order as led by Colonel Paul Granier de Cassagnac.

Created 17th September 2002.

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