Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order
of Saint John of Jerusalem
Russian Orthodox Oecumenical

Information as gained April 2002

In 2002, "Count" J.A. de Brett d'Avray issued an "Historical Resume" which is essentially a very confused history of the Russian tradition, and mixes in with the genuine details from King Peter's Order, and the suceeding self-styled Orders, and details of Pichel's myths to include the Order to which Avray belongs as a geneuine part of the Russian tradition - co-equal to the genuine exilic Russian Grand Priory.  Essentially this "Order" is a continuing fragment of the "Orders" which have resulted from the break-up of the King Peter Order. It is difficult to place this Order exactly. It may well have emerged from the Alexis d'Anjou-Dolgorouki Order (see Table KP12 of the King Peter Orders Grand Masters list), but in the confused "Historical Resume" he places the Order as in succession to some Order run by Prince Troubletzkoy. However as his "Historical Resume" ends with the "recognition" of "H.I. & R.H. Prince Alexis of Anjou Romanov-Dolgoruki, the Duke of Durazzo - Grand Son of H.I.H. the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia" as the Hereditary Grand Protector of the Russian Branch, this seems to confirm that it is one of the continuations from the Alexis d'Anjou Order.

- L,'Ordre Souverain Militaire et Hospitalier de Saint Jean de Jérusalem -
Russe Grec-Orthodoxe " Oécuménique "

Elle directement sous la haute protection du Chef de la Maison Imperiate de Russie S.A.I. le Prince Nicolas Romanovitch de Russie

Grand Maître : Charge Vacante

Nota Bene : En l'absence d'un Grand Maître Constitutionellement élu par le Chapitre General, l'Ordre est régi par un Conseil de Régence sous la Présidence du Grand Maréchal et composé des trvis pruicipaux Grands

Officiers de l'Ordre

Grand Maréchal de l'Ordre:
S.Ex. le Comte J.A. de Brett d'Avray

Grand Prieur de Russie:
S.Ex. le Baron Vladimir Vladimirovitch Kondratovitch

Grand Commandeur:
S.Ex. le Prince Alexandrel Chartorisky

Grand Chancelier :
S.Ex. le Chevalier Jacques Masson ( ad interim )

Grand Secértaire :
S.Ex. le Marquis Fages de Bourbon Regenton

Grand Receveur du Commun Trésor:
S.Ex Ie Comte Roberto Colloredo di Mels

Grand Hospitalier :
S.Ex. le docteur Comte Coloredo di Mels

Grand Archiviste :
- Vacant -

Grand Inspecteur Administratif:
S.Ex. Robert Vitolnieks-Chartorisky

Secrétariat Principal :

Le secrétariat de la Branche "Oecuménique " a son siège sis:
S, Place du Maréchal Juin - 75017 PARIS - France

Délégué de l'Ordre auprés du " Gulf Cooperation Council Committee"
Dame Maîté GNUVA

Délégué de l'Ordre auprés des Nation Unies
Dame Olivia Masson


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