Historical Picture Gallery

Giving of alms by the Hospitallers of the Order of St John (1493)

The Blessed Gerard serving the sick and injured at the Sacred Infirmary, Valletta.

A ward of the Sacred Infirmary in Valletta.

Raymond Du Puy

In Armour - A Knight of St John on the Island of Rhodes

Valletta and the Three Cities at Malta, showing naval activity of the Knights of St John

When the Knights of St John sailed into the harbour at Malta, their fleet was led by the mighty 'Santa Anna', under hte command of sir William Weston, the Grand Prior of England. The 'Santa Anna' is recorded as being the first armour plated ship in history.

The Surrender of Malta

The Headquaters of the Order of St John is situated at St John's Gate, Clerkenwell, London

First Aid Class - 1800's

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